The “talk”

But what was she trying to saaaay?

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INTERLUDE: The human condition

This is a bonus page! I’m hoping to include one of these between each chapter, though that’s not set in stone so don’t get cranky if it doesn’t happen.

These pages technically aren’t canon, but you can read them that way if it makes you happy. Your interpretation’s as good as mine.

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Origin, part 1

Art-style detour, y’all! Buckle up! It’s supposed to be a loose mimicry of black- and red-figure pottery. The execution didn’t match my expectation, but frankly I was just happy to do something a little different.

Anyway this little story is adapted from an actual myth. Like, from Homer. Apologies to Zeus for the liberties I took here. (In the original, people were dying off specifically because animals were eating them, so in that context, Zeus’ solution wasn’t so cruel.)

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